Winter Clothing

Do you have winter clothes you do not wear anymore?

Why not donate them to Niagara's migrant farmworkers?

You need the closet space. They need winter clothing, coats, sweathers, hats, gloves, footwear (sizes small to large), also blankets and personal hygiene supplies.

  • Our farmers are vital to our economy.
  • Farmes need these workers.
  • Male and female farmworkers suffer without winter clothing

About Migrant Farmworkers

  • There are about 4,000 in Niagara.
  • Most of the $11/hour they earn supports family and loved ones at home.
  • Their average stay here is 6-8 months.
  • Many arrive in winter for greenhouse work which is cold in winter and hot in summer.
  • They can't buy warm winter clothes at home and often arrive in summer clothing.
  • Most have empty pockets and a long wait before they get paid and can shop.
  • Many are isolated by language, distance from supplies and 10-12 hour workdays.

What we do

We collect male and female winter clothing and distribute it free of charge to migrant farmworkers in Niagara.

No luggage, no clothes - True story
In early February, a group of nine Mexican farmworkers got off the plane at Pearson International Airport. It was their first time in Canada for several of them. Two of the men had no luggage or bags. No one owned a winter coat. They were here to work and earn money, so their pockets were empty.

Their first stop was McDonalds for some food, which their employer paid for. Their next stop was St. Alban’s where they were able to get winter coats and boots at no charge. The two men, who had nothing but what they were wearing, were given welcome bags with a shaver, toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps, work gloves and personal care items.

Loafers in the snow - True story
Jose Luis and Renaldo are Mexican farmworkers in Jordan. They often help out fixing bicycles at the St. Alban’s Bike Shop on Saturdays, their day off. They had recently arrived for the farming season. It was a cold February day. There was snow on the ground and Jose arrived wearing loafers. Renaldo was wearing running shoes. That’s all they had to wear on their feet. They left wearing winter boots.

We need donations of good winter clothing from October to February for both men and women. Items needed are coats, socks, pants, scarves, boots, toques & gloves. Sizes most needed are small to large.
Donations can be left in the shed near the back door if no one is in.

Contact Caron Edwards 905-563-4753 or

Migrant Farmworker's Project
St. Alban's Anglican Church,
4314 Ontario St. Beamsville, ON L0R1B0