Adopt a Sunday

Some of our guests have worked all day and arrive on a Sunday night to attend a church service without having had time for supper. They are hungry.

From February to September, we provide a complimentary community meal for our farm working guests and volunteers.

Will you or your business adopt a Sunday?
We need to have 30 Sundays adopted each year. Adoption has 2 options;

  1. donate $500 for bussing and a meal,
  2. donate $200 for transportation and your organization puts on a meal for 60 – 100 people.

It’s a great way to give back from the abundance and blessings in your life. In helping them, you help protect our economy and to shape this community.

We can’t transport and feed our farmworkers without our generous volunteers and the organizations who have adopted a Sunday. We owe them a big thank you. How about you or your business?

Please contact Caron Edwards at 905.563.4753 or email and let us know your preferred option and we will contact you with support information.