Our Migrant Farmworkers

There are about 600 Spanish-speaking farmworkers in this area who speak little or no English. They are away from families and loved ones for 5–8 months at a time.*  Some are on four year contracts with two weeks off per year:

  • Typical work week 60–65 hours*
  • Average annual gross income $17,200, with $2,800 deducted for CPP and UIC*

Why do we do it? We are all connected. We need our farms.

  • Our food comes from farms.
  • Our wineries need the grapes and fruit grown on our farms.
  • Our farm equipment industry needs farms.
  • Our economy depends on farms.
  • Many farms need migrant workers.

Our Mission

The migrant farm worker's project will engage with farmers, community partners and migrant workers in the Lincoln Township. We will assist farmworkers, establish beneficial relationships, integrate workers into our community and improve their access to healthcare and other services.

*Source: Quest Community Health Care, 2015

Partners & Sponsors